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This site was built to give you a list of reliable free popup blocker software downloads. There are a lot of applications, add-ons, and other software for blocking pop ups, but they are not all the same in terms of quality. Most are not free, some add unwanted software, some are not reliable, and some can make your pop up problem even worse.

The free pop up stopper options listed on this site are easily found to the left in our table of contents. All have been thoroughly tested, are known to be reliable, are easy to use, come from reputable companies, and most of all, are free.

The most popular options come as part of a toolbar package. A toolbar is usually a browser add-on that increases the functionality of your current browser. It is visible bar that typically docks to the top of your browser window. There are other options for stopping pop ups, that are simple software plug-ins that are usually not seen during normal browser operation.

Another choice you have is to install a completely new web browser, with a free pop up blocker already built in. This is the least user-friendly option, as you need to familiarize yourself with a completely new browser.

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Tim of Heating and Air Greenville SC says: Thanks to you guys, I now have control of my pc again. If it weren't for you, I'd still be fighting popups instead of making hvac repairs. Thanks a million!

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