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Free Browsers with Pop Up Blocker

Firefox is the new Mozilla browser that has replaced Firebird. It includes a free pop up blocker among many other awesome features. Among these are tabbed browsing, integrated search, efficient navigation, and auto download.

The most useful new feature is arguably tabbed browsing. This allows you surf and hold many different web pages in one browser with a tab for each window. This eliminates the need for additional windows (instances of your browser) running for each page.

To download Firefox, visit this link:

The new Netscape Navigator, version 7 has pop up controls. This browser also has tabbed browsing, in addition to other new features.

You can fit images to full screen, find as you type (on page), go to full screen mode, and download multiple files at once. This ain't your Dad's Netscape Navigator, take another look if you haven't lately.

To download Netscape Navigator, visit this link:

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